Sunday, December 30, 2007

DAR, Here I Come

Alice's application for membership in National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution arrived yesterday! That was so fast! It only took two or three weeks. I called my local chapter registrar this morning and she's all excited to fill out my application for me. I have to make copies of all my paperwork and send it to her, then when my application is finished, we'll meet and I'll sign my application and pay the fee. My family members who are thinking of joining it with me, can also use Alice's paperwork.

I notice there's also a Huguenot Society affiliated with DAR. The Dragoos were Huguenots, so I could probably join that too, if I wanted to take the time to prove my relationship to Pierre Dragaud. (Jennie Lee Dragoo is my great grandfather Howard Mitchell Keithler's mother.) It definitely wouldn't be as simple as proving my relationship to my great grandmother. A Mayflower Descendant group is also available to join, but I haven't decided if I'm one of those or not yet. I should probably not go nuts on joining groups I won't have time for or want to pay yearly dues for. But it's still fun.


  1. Way to go! Mom and I thought about doing that for me (scholarship $) but we weren't eager enough to go through the process. Well done!

  2. Thanks! I'm so excited to hear back from the registrar! :)

  3. I cannot find a direct contact link to the webmaster, so I am posting this as a comment.

    I am Vi Parsons, a DRAGOO descendant and volunteer researcher for descendants of that surname. I was surprised to see my article and photos on your website. While I appreciate that you credited me, under the copyright laws you need my written permission to copy my article and photos. I provided that to the Dragoo Family Association (DFA) for their website with permissiion for them to print it.
    I also have a disclaimer on my website that says Do Not Copy and Paste articles without my permission.

    Please remove my article and photos from your website and substitute a link only to the article on the DFA website.

  4. Hi there, Vi.

    Prior to receiving your comment, all I had posted from your website was a link to the website itself and a link to your page containing photographs of Elizabeth Tavaud and Pierre Dragaud's wedding site. I looked for any illicit photographs or copied articles, but could find none. I have since removed the link to Elizabeth and Pierre's wedding photos. If you see anything else you would like removed, please point it out to me and I'll be glad to do so.

    Thanks -