Monday, November 29, 2010

The Awesomeness of Timelines

Rather than beat my head on brick walls, trying to find ancestors who refuse to be found (or so it would seem), it's been my habit to gather genealogical information as it comes my way.

This has resulted in lots of information about "fringe" ancestors that I like and everything, but they don't really take me anywhere UP my family tree. I'm trying to move beyond them now.

Creating timelines has been very helpful.

I've made numerous family timelines, but for the last few weeks I've been working on personal timelines for each of my grandparents and their children, my aunts and uncles. It's been a fun research project and a good way to put together all the little bits I've found and stored in the source repositories and their individual "notes" area.

It also helps me pinpoint people on whom I need to spend more time (Alexander Finney, anyone?). I would highly recommend this idea if you haven't implemented it into your work already. I love finding out more about my peeps.

1940 CENSUS: We're under 500 days now! Woot!

Is anyone reading this anymore? Not that I mind, but maybe I'll just make the blog private if no one cares if it's gone.