Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is It Tuesday Yet?

"It's either Tuesday or Not Tuesday." This is how I find myself thinking of the days of the week lately. If it's Tuesday, yay! If it's not, I'm counting the days till the next one.

Tuesday is the day I serve at my Family History Center. Every Tuesday evening, I show up, I plug in my jump drive, I turn on PAF Insight and I go to town.

PAF Insight is a program you can download for $20-ish, and I plan to have it on my own computer someday so I can use it at home too. But I love the usually uninterrupted time with my ancestors. I also love all the books, films and fiche at my disposal, with always more to find in the Family History Library Catalog.

Saturday today = three more days! I've never enjoyed a Church calling so much in my life.