Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Wild Hair That I Call "DAR"

Prior to writing this post, I completed an online application on DAR's website.

The DAR lady called me today about my online application. She will mail me the form to request Grandma Keen's DAR information (fee $10). I will need to gather birth, marriage, and death certificates for hubby and me, my parents, and my grandparents.

(Later) I looked in my family files and found everything I need. This is me dancing the happy dance that I won't have to bug anyone for birth certificates or pay for new copies. Everything is all gathered in a folder, ready for filling out my paperwork.

(Later still) I emailed all my female relatives on Mom's side of the family and let them know I have some of the copies of what they'd need to join DAR, just in case they're interested.

(Later again) I heard from Aunt Nancy, who wants to join and get her daughter Mandi signed up, and from cousin Candace. Her mom might already be a member, so she's going to check that out. I scanned the copies of Grandma & Grandpa Keen and Grandma & Grandpa Dysart's birth, death, and marriage certificates, and sent them to Nancy and Candace. It would be fun to have so many of our family become members.

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