Monday, December 13, 2010

Having a Good Time, Wish You Weren't Dead

These people are so fascinating. If only I could talk to them, and have them answer all my questions and straighten out all their little complicated-seeming problems...

But I imagine that would take a lot of the fun out of looking for them.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Today at the Public Library...

I found a couple of books I liked that pertain to our favorite topic, and thought I would pass along the titles:

1. The Organized Family Historian by Ann Carter Fleming, which reminded me of an installment in the "For Dummies" series and those like it. I liked it and would recommend it for genealogists of almost any experience level. The chapter about census records covered each census in detail; wills and deeds, visiting courthouses, and preserving documents and photograps were also explored. The book was published in 2004 so most references to Internet use, computer programs, etc., seemed up to date.

2. The Book of the Dead by John Lloyd & John Mitchinson - not a research book, but more of a dead people Who's Who. The first chapter dealt with famous dead peeps whose fathers were absent, neglectful or abusive during their childhood. I was able to get through a few pages each about Leonardo da Vinci, Sigmund Freud and Sir Isaac Newton, and of the three, I'd use my time machine frequent flier miles on Leonardo. Yes I would.

One last thought: The 1940 Census is taking waaaaay too long.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Back at the FHC

After taking a year off, I am serving again at my local Family History Center.

It was on a whim that I happened to be put back on staff. Things have calmed down for us somewhat (I have two children with interesting medical issues). The hip-deep-in-timelines state of mind I was in propelled me to my FHC for something, I can't remember what - a book or a film, or something? I can't remember.

But I do remember that it was Veteran's Day and one of the FHC directors was serving his regular shift. He eyeballed me and said, "We need you to come back." I asked which shifts were needing help and he mentioned Wednesdays during the day. Before this school year, it would have been an impossibility, but now that my youngest is in school all day, I am free as a bird...

I started the next Wednesday and have been LOVING it. I love my fellow staff members and the opportunity to focus solely on my family history research - I didn't know how much I missed that part of it - and helping the patrons (when we have them). Today I helped a lady get started looking at some microfilms she had ordered from the Family History Library. She found good stuff today.

And SCORE! I also made significant finds. The Familysearch pilot site is so great!

That was my shift today - very, very satisfying. I'm so glad I have this opportunity.

Monday, December 06, 2010


Your comments were appreciated.

Timelines have taken a backseat (just for now) to I have a family tree there I'm enjoying adding information and pictures to. is kind of a genealogy-based Facebook. Along with adding family history information, you can leave messages for family members - of any nature, not just genealogical - and collaborate, share pictures, and that kind of thing. And, like Facebook, it's as private as you make it, requiring an email address and password to sign in.

I would definitely recommend using this website and inviting family members to join (or joining, if you've already been invited).