Sunday, March 19, 2006

Family History News

The Church's family history department has a new project going, nicknamed "Scanstone," in which all of the microfilms stored in the Granite Mountain Vault near Salt Lake are being scanned and digitized. This will make it possible for everyone with Internet access to look at every record stored there by just going online.

This is a big deal - microfilms and microfiche are currently viewed only by using viewing equipment located in your local family history center, and only after ordering them from Salt Lake City first (small fee involved). Or you can take a quick jaunt to Salt Lake and spend hours at the Family History Library - my personal preference, but not exactly time- or money-efficient.

When I think of all the hours my grandparents spent driving up to Coos Bay from Brookings (the family history center was there), writing letters, waiting for letters to arrive, calling on the phone, and traveling - not the mention all the MONEY - just to get the records we'll have instant access to, I see what a miracle this is. How much easier does family history have to be, before we'll finally sit down and do it? :) But I know I'm preaching to the choir here.