Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

May your genealogy endeavors bear much fruit and be really, really fun and exciting.

P.S. FindaGrave.com is my new favorite toy.


  1. I just found your blog! We have a few thigs in common, I have 5 kids, love genealogy, am LDS, SAHM, etc. I'll bet there are only a few gajillion of us out there, LOL. (Oh, do you liketo use the kid's lingo to irritate them? ) Anyway , it was fun to see your blog, I'll stop y and visit again.

  2. Oh Millie, did you know that you HAVE inspired me, and that I HAVE been doing genealogy? YES! It's true MIllie! I've been doing it on the sly, and I'm ready to come out of the genealogy closet.
    Besides, it's musty in there.

  3. Oh, and did you know MIllie, that I have huguenots in my family? Yes! I do! The Lamonts!
    Sadly, I'm not working on them.
    No. I'm working on the Kottwitz's. *sigh*

  4. I just love you! You crack me up! Thanks for all your comments! I'm glad to know I'm, not just posting my Blog for the world to see. Is this your only blog now? I'm so impressed! I always try to get in touch with my genealogy but for some reason all the people in my family (grandparents) are genealogy "snobs" if you will, I don't want to go through it all twice, I just want to know where they are at so I can start from there. Sigh...

  5. Muums: Nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting and drop by again soon!

    Carrot: I'm so happy!!! Every time I posted something on this blog I thought, Carrot might read this and then feel bad that she's not doing more... but then you did more!!! I don't have to have reverse guilt anymore! ;)

    Carrot 2: Where are the Kottwitzes from? That sounds German.

    Rach: Love you too! :) Tell them to get over themselves and send you all their stuff on a computer file. They have it in PAF or some other computer program, don't they?