Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Archives at

... have been my latest online haunt.

I found them several years ago, when our family history centers were still affiliated with Mom and I spent a fun evening looking at old pictures and reading detailed descriptions of family weddings, Uncle Denton's speeding tickets, and Uncle Charlie saving a boy from a wild deer in Pioneer Park. At that time, the online archives included the years 1945-1954.

Yesterday, while writing a timeline, I stumbled upon them again. While some years are still missing, more recent archives are available now. Last night I found the wedding announcement for Aunt Nancy's marriage to Uncle Steve in 1973, and read about the day in 1971 when my grandparents received a phone call from my parents to say my brother was born; ten hours later, another call came from my uncle and aunt to say that my cousin Candace was born. Our great-grandmother Alice Keen called the newspaper to report it, and they were kind enough to print the story.

While I feel a little sorry for the must-have-been-bored-out-of-their-minds newspaper reporters, who were on hand to capture such events as Uncle Doug earning Gold and Silver Arrow Points at his Cub Scout pack meeting and great-grandfather Carl Dysart winning a free Christmas turkey, I'm grateful to them for doing such a great job in capturing these fun little life moments. I'm also glad my family spent so much time in Walla Walla, where no detail went unnoticed.

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