Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More DAR Stuff

I received a form from my local DAR lady last week, a form for getting a copy of Grandma Keen's DAR membership application. With it, I'll be able to send in my paperwork and become a member of DAR. I filled it out and sent it a few days ago.

Last night I found more DAR patriots in the Patriot Index, which is fun and exciting. (No, really. It is.) I'm up to "McDaniel" now in the book.

Also, my grandmother Abigail may finally have a maiden name: Dougall. Ever since I've known of her, she's been Mrs. Abigail Kettle Bathrick - her first husband Mansir Kettle died in 1773, and her second husband, Tillabee Bathrick, is my grandfather. I found her maiden name on New England Families, a website I LOVE for its rich notes, sources, and interesting information. Apparently I had an LDS uncle (Almon Bathrick) from back in the Joseph Smith days, who performed temple work on behalf of his ancestors in the first Nauvoo temple, including Tillabee and Abigail, in 1844. Now THAT is nifty. I'm waiting to hear back from New England Families guy.

I also looked up the females without last names, the Q and the R surnames last night in PAF Insight and found a few more things.

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