Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Setting Up a Family Blog

Several of my cousins and I have set up family blogs and enjoy reading about each other's lives, seeing and sharing each other's pictures, and adding to each other's memories of our childhood days together.

Where we cousins once relied on parents or grandparents to keep us caught up on everyone in the family, Candace, Dena, Rachael, Whitney and I have fun communicating with each other on a technological level. Everyone is so busy and lives so far apart now that letter-writing, phone calls, and even individual emails can "take too long." These family relationships are put on the back burner in favor of other, more urgent, but not more important things.

One great benefit of a family blog is sharing family pictures. Those photographs of family reunions, visits, and car trips of long ago - the ones that were scattered around to the different relatives - can be swapped and copied and preserved. Candace and I have enjoyed seeing pictures of ourselves together as children, and of older relatives who have since passed on. While getting together to swap pictures and have copies made isn't a bad thing, she and I are both busy moms and don't live in the same town, so this online picture swap really works for us - and it's my favorite price, FREE.

As a result of our blogs, we cousins have closer ties and have much more to talk about when we do get together in person. I would definitely recommend setting up a family blog, and bugging your family members to do the same.


  1. Its just not the same visiting here...although I do read this blog when you post here.
    Did you know that Carrot has written a whole post dedicated to you?
    I'll miss you on the blogosphere Nat, but I have your email and I know where you live (until you move). Hopefully we can get together sometime this summer...

  2. Heff, you're sweet but I don't think you'll miss me as much as you think. :)

  3. mills,

    are you really leaving?!!! I'm calling you tomorrow :)

  4. Are you going somewhere? Did I miss something?

  5. I had another blog that I quit writing last week. I'm still here, though.

  6. If this is where I have to come to get me a little Millie, I'll do it.

    I love that cousin picture.

  7. I happen to think it's a fabulous way to communicate :)

  8. :) Me too.

    All you Millie-missers should have received an email by now.