Friday, May 30, 2008

"We Walk With the Dead"

I loved this article at Ancestry Insider's blog: Genealogists Are the New Shaman.

I hope you've taken advantage of Familysearch's Pilot website. Even if their specific collection of records has nothing about your family, you can still get involved with the indexing project. Every pair of hands gets that work done faster! And it's easy! I've been indexing Louisiana death certificates from the 1940s, and while the handwriting is hard to read sometimes, the work is interesting and goes by fast.

Enjoy your "dead-walking" day. :)


  1. They told us about this in church one day and I meant to follow through with it. And I need to show my own mother. Thanks for the link.

    Found your blog through another blog.

  2. I saw your post on your other blog about not blogging anymore and I'm sad, I've enjoyed your blog. However, I'm excited about finding this blog. I have wanted to do geneology, but it's one of those things that seems so vast that I've never gotten past a couple of generations! I admire what you are doing. Any advice for a wannabe geneology junkie?

  3. THe combination of you leaving your other blog, and "Moonlight Serenade" is a very sad one indeed. *sniff*