Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Una & Candace

I just finished a mega phone call with my brother Ernie (nicknamed "Una" by my sister Melanie). He called and asked me about our Scottish ancestors a few weeks ago and I told him about PAF and downloading it free from the Church. Today he downloaded it, and I sent him a GEDCOM of our stuff. He's going to Ireland and Scotland later this year and wants to have some background so that he can enjoy his trip even more.

He told me about his experience with googling Ninian Beall, one of our Scottish ancestors, and had me do the same. I found the wonderful page about Ninian that I put in the links. It's fun having a sib that's ALMOST as interested in family history as I am.

Close on his heels is Cousin Candace, Uncle Doug's oldest daughter and my closest cousin on Mom's side of the family. She's awesome.

Good stuff, man. I love family history. I should get paid to do it, I love it so much. Which reminds me, I need to call Marcie.

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