Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Developments

1) I met a "new" cousin this week. Charlene's actually older than I am, but she found my family tree entry at Rootsweb and sent an email. It was fun to hear from her. She's going to help me update some things about her family. Our common ancestors are Frederick Hetrick and Elizabeth Doverspike. LOVE this online genealogy thing.

2) As a result of Charlene's letter, I finally figured out how to edit my Rootsweb family tree information. I can now add new people as I find them. I was able to ditch the idea of a separate blog for each great grandparent, which was not a fun or easy task. I also wrote to find my old username and password for my old defunct email address, so I can delete the other family tree I'm no longer proud of.

3) I'm going to try and make a website sometime soon - maybe tomorrow. I signed up for the free web page account at Rootsweb as well.

4) I linked my Rootsweb family tree and my genealogy blog together. SCARY. I also uploaded my husband's family tree and linked it here.

Pretty good work for one day.

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