Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Bigwigs

I'm fascinated with the family trees of famous people. Abraham Lincoln... Laura Ingalls Wilder... Louisa May Alcott. Louisa's is particularly interesting because of her famous family members. She is related to John Quincy Adams and Oliver Wendell Holmes - all through the Quincy line.

Who were these Quincys anyway, that so many of their offspring should leave such an indelible mark on our history? Pretty nifty.

As yet I can't find any way I'm related to them (not that I'm looking, but it would be cool), but just looking at Louisa's family tree last night and thinking it would be fun to figure out how she and John Quincy Adams were related, I found this website. It threw in OWH for good measure. Pretty exciting!

I also found the Hildreth website last night and between it and the others and the huge stack of papers I copied from books at my FHC, I have plenty to keep me busy. Where to start???

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