Friday, April 18, 2008

Going "Graving"

I love that Findagrave has coined a phrase for hanging out in cemeteries, taking pictures, copying information, clearing off headstones... "I'm going graving today." "Oh, are you a graver?" It's great for identifying more of our kind.

Here are some pictures from the last time I went graving, burning myself to a crisp on one of our freak 75° April days. It was beautiful and HOT outside. Good thing I'm not an Arizona graver... how do you guys cope?

Our trees here have been gorgeous and blooming for about a month now. I love that they stagger their bloom times so these sights can last for a while. (Yes, they do it on purpose.)

A species of cute little blue wildflowers has taken over the cemetery, covering unsuspecting headstones with their roots and sinking into the engravings, creating this fun mirror-image effect. I thought it was cool.

Have you "gone graving" lately?


  1. There are some beautiful old cemeteries here. But not having anyone to go look for I haven't done more than drive through a couple. Oh and we visited the small cemetery near the Kirtland temple. That is cool. Well in an awe-inspiring, reverent feeling sort of way.

  2. My Mom went grave witching last week. I think its kind of weird myself. But its like dowsing for water only you are dowsing for unmarked graves. They practiced on marked graves to learn how.
    Myself, I think I would rather just clean headstones and whatnot.