Thursday, March 13, 2008

Went to my Family History Center staff meeting tonight...

[Originally, I posted a countdown calendar showing how many days were left until the new Familysearch would be available in my area... as of 4/11/08, there were 108 days left.]

And while I'm happy about this, I was a bit impatient to see that the following areas will be getting New FamilySearch before we will:

Tri-Cities, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Medford, Oregon

I have family members who don't even care, and they'll be able to log on to NFS before I will. My husband was mocking me tonight: "How DARE they throw pearls at those swine in Tri-Cities!"

Amen, babe. Amen.


  1. You're sweet. :)

    I'm listening to "Swinging Safari," and watching the clouds go by... how pleasant.

  2. Nice. So you have to be a part of the church to have this all available? How many times has related family kyped my 10 years plus of documentation and blood, sweat and tears, to then have it show up on Family Search tells me hands off?

    I want to smack someone right now (no, not you Mills, I loves you too much)

  3. It's not available to anyone in this area now, except for directors of Family History Centers, so they can learn it first and then teach it to their staff, and then everyone else. That's how I know about its extreme awesomeness.

    The Family History Department must roll it out gradually - if not, SLC would disappear in a puff of smoke on the first day.

    When it is here, everyone can have a username and password, regardless of religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

    So no smacking.

  4. If you go to register, this is what it says:

    Q: If I'm not a member of the Church, can I register?
    A: This release of the new FamilySearch is a limited release for Church members only.

    So you are saying once it comes out of beta, then it's for all researchers?

    Now I am smacking, but just my lips. ;oP

  5. Yes, it will be made available to everyone at some point. I don't know whether it will be available right when the members get it here, but it will happen. My FHC director didn't give specifics on that.