Friday, November 09, 2007

What I've Been Up To Lately

... scanning mass quantities of pictures at Neenaw's.

< My great-great grandmother Elizabeth Ann Zane Fox

> My great grandmother, Adina Irene Clark Keithler

< My great grandfather, Howard Mitchell Keithler (Adina's husband), with granddaughter Sharon Ann Keithler

>My great-great grandmother, Howard's mother, Jennie Lee Dragoo Keithler - the lady who gave me my nose, mouth and chin

< Adina's parents, my great great grandparents, John Thomas Clark and Johanna Magdelena "Lena" Steinhilber, with their three oldest children, Cora, John and Bryan (later came Adina, Ernest, Rozilla and Lena). Mother Lena came with her mother and sisters from Germany to the U.S. on an LDS Church-chartered ship, came west to Utah where Lena's youngest sister was born, then moved to Nebraska. Lena died in the influenza epidemic in 1918, leaving John and their five children (John and Bryan both passed away before her death).

>Uncle Ernie and Aunt Laneta (Ernie is Adina's younger brother)

< Lena Helen Pauline Clark Wolf, Adina and Ernie's youngest sister

>Rozilla "Rose" Margaret Clark (sister of Adina, Ernie and Lena) and her first husband, George Craig

< Aunt Rose

>Zella Daily - a Clark cousin


  1. LOVE the pic of Lena Clark and family. wow.

  2. PS. How are you related to the Hildreths? My neighbor is related to them. I've done a TON of stuff on their family....

  3. Wow! These are treasures! I love that picture of Grandma and the dog. I need to restore a few of these for you, may I?

  4. I may not have caught Normal yet, but I think I have caught a little geneology bug.

    I spent yesterday researching on Genline and perusing Swedish household examinations and so on. It's fun to play detective.