Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tap, Tap, Tap...

I found more today on my Smith side. My great-great grandparents are John William Smith and Jennie Ella Mobley, and their son Maurice Warfield Smith is my great grandfather. His brother Shelby Russell Smith has been one elusive uncle to find anything about, mostly for a lack of looking.

Just a few weeks ago, I discovered Shelby and his wife Iva Logan Smith in the 1930 census, but sadly their information was very sparse. Either Shelby was being stingy or the census taker was asking the neighbor, because it gave almost no pertinent information. But I did find that Shelby and Iva had two children, Jane and Shelby Jr.

Today as I was emailing back and forth with my uncle, I decided to poke around Rootsweb and when I looked at Shelby's death index record, I found Shelby Jr's right underneath it. It gave his birth and death dates and places. Pretty exciting! That's more than I've ever had about this family. Shelby's sister, Jane Smith, will be slightly harder to find, as she likely married and died with a different last name, but if they want you to find them, they'll help make it happen.

I enjoy getting those little taps on the shoulder. "Look in this record and see what you find..."

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